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Montgomery County NY Connects

Your point of entry for information, referral and assistance to long-term care services.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Montgomery County NY Connects unit is to provide easy access to Long-Term Care (LTC) for all disabled adults, children and for elderly persons needing assistance.

Easy Access to Information

Montgomery County NY Connects is able to provide the consumer with information about long term care.

Finding your way around the long term care system can be overwhelming.

Let Us help you identify the best available options that will work for you and your loved ones.

Using a “one-stop shopping” approach, Montgomery County NY Connects serves as the Point Of Entry for long-term care in our county. When a consumer or their representative contacts this office, we provide reliable information about the LTC services that are available, and make every effort to connect people who are seeking care to the agencies and service providers that can best meet their needs.

Montgomery County NY Connects participates in an effort by New York State to improve the public’s awareness and knowledge of our long-term care systems. This project is called:

NY Connects ~ Choices for Long Term Care

What is long term care?

Long Term Care services are what a person needs over an extended period of time in order to improve or maintain healthy or daily function.

Long term care services may include nutritional, medical, social, housekeeping or rehabilitation. These services can be provided at sites in the community where a person lives, in a persons own home, in a residential setting or in a nursing home.

Planning Ahead

There are many benefits to planning ahead. Long term care may help you get the services you or a loved one will need that will allow the individual the ability to live safely in the most comfortable setting.

Planning ahead will allow the individual to have control over their future. It will also give insight into the various options that are available in the community.

Advanced planning will help the caregiver be prepared and help reduce emotional and financial stress.

About Montgomery County NY Connects

Montgomery County NY Connects is a joint initiative between the Montgomery County Office For Aging, Inc. and the Montgomery County Department of Social Services. NY CONNECTS is endorsed and supported by New York State Office for the Aging in collaboration with the New York Sate Department Of Health.

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